The law of divorce in America

How much does a divorce in the US costs?

There is an estimated of two million marriages each year in the United States and one million divorces. Now that is a staggering 50% divorce rate

Lawyers in this niche are kept very very buzy. Now wonder divorce lawyers are making a killing.

Now in some cases, the matter is resolved very quickly but in other cases these cases take even years. What is this happening?

Because in the United States each State has its own law.

What does a divorce law process mean to families.

The number one cause of divorce is the lack of communication. If couples had better communication skills they would be able to fix their issues, most of the time.

The simple reasons for divorce is adultery or there’s a felony conviction of one of the spouses. In some states you just have to live a certain time apart, we call it a “no fault divorce” If you have children, the period of time you have to live apart is longer. Other divorces can be immediate in nature.

What drags a divorce is dividing assets and a battle over child custody. And the expenses in these cases can go up astronomically. During a divorce the divorce expenses become common as well, a community debt because a lot of people do not realize this.

Some couples go their separte ways without legally filing for divorce to save time. Just so you know, 6 years down the line, a debt collector can get 100% of the money from either Mr or Mrs.

It is a shame that so many couples are resorting to divorce, they are making lawyers rich and destroying their lives and their family’s life including their kids. But this is inevitable if man and women all over the globe keep looking for happiness somewhere else where they have the most valuable, smart adoring women or man in their own home.

Do not end up in this situation, think wisely before getting married

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